21st century roller skating gets new scene.
Summer Dance
Takes place June - August
Fridays 10:30 to midnight
Albuquerque Convention Center
Halcones Hockey Club - Del Colegio de las Américas. World-class athletes to compete. USA Roller Sports events will include inline speed skating, rink hockey and roller figure skating competitions and events during the summer nationals.

two years of excellence

Crazy Skates is now expanding into new areas. Now you can enjoy roller skating and roller sports in Hobbs, New Mexico, Plainview  and Lubbock Texas.

Lubbock rink coming soon
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We are in the process of adding new parties to our venues. We currently offer private and public parties, soon everyone will get to enjoy themed parties.


Get ready for the best private party experience. This package allows up to 2hrs of skate time and up to 40 people.

Public Party

Super exciting party option. Everyone gets to skate with everyone. Sometimes these parties get a little crazy because we have more kids to play games with.
Parties take place during general skate times and allow up to 20 people.


Theme parties... I can't let the cat out of the bag just yet because we don't have all of the details. Coming this year we will have theme parties.

Want a reserve our building for a special function ?

Check out our building rentals rate sheet today for awesome opportunities.


Calling all hockey players. Come out and play roller hockey for free. All ages are welcome. We can’t wait to see you there.

Hockey Information

We play by international rink hockey rules. We enforce the rules in effort to maintain a safe hockey program, people not playing safely will be asked to leave.

Practice times

Roller hockey practice days are Monday and Wednesday. Times for juniors are 5:30-7 p.m. Seniors are from 7-9 pm.


We want barriers to entry to be inexpensive. Speak with a coach about startup sets for your junior. Coming soon we will offer pro series sets of hockey apparel for seniors.


Not for ordinary gamers

Gaming leagues coming soon. Come in and see what we we are doing to enhance new age gaming experiences. Compete against local gaming heroes and get clout ranked. Ranked individuals get entered to win “Compete” prizes.

Dance competitions coming soon

Dance as a team or an individual. Weekly and weekend dance competitions coming soon. Friday night dancing can stay the same but whispers of an all teen dance ages 15-19 have people wondering when this is going to start.

what people are saying about Crazy Skates

  • “Thank you, thank you, thank you for opening the rink and cleaning it up. We were so sad when it closed down and now I'm happy I have a place to hang out with my friends again.”

    TaylorRink Rat
  • “You guys rock. Keep us up to date when you get your new gaming addition in place. We can't wait to see what else you have in store for us next.”

    Mr. Jones
    Mr. JonesCartoonist
  • “I am so happy I chose Crazy Skates to hold my child's party. The staff was amazing and everyone had a great time. Thank you for opening and renovating the building, everyone loves it.”

    Mrs. Smith
    Mrs. Smith

Happy times are upon us

We are so thankful that you have stopped by our website today. Please come by the rink for an amazing time and visit with us in person.

Hobbs renovation

Hobbs renovation

Come checkout our new bathrooms in Hobbs.

    More renovations

    More renovations

    Hobbs is undergoing a major redesign. We are adding a new dj booth, new dance environment, new gaming facility and much much more. We are targeting late August to be completely finished.

      Lubbock Rink

      Lubbock Rink

      Lubbock is now open. Brand new skates, new birthday party rooms, new skate environment, new new new... We can't wait to offer our latest and greatest products.

      Summer Dance

      Summer Dance

      We cannot wait until summer. Dance the night away every Friday from 10:30-12:00 in June - August.